2nd WUTTO Grand Prix Circuit 2014 - update (with results)

January 4 (Apeldoorn - hardbat)
1st WUTTO De Veluwe Open
Final: 1. Edwin Tiele, 2. Matthieu Wegh (11-9, 11-8, 11-8)

April 6 (Rotterdam - hardbat)
1st WUTTO Alexandria ’66 Open
Final: 1. Reginald Kraaijenbrink, 2. Arnoud Meijer (8-11, 11-7, 11-7, 12-10, 11-6)

April 27 (Nordhorn, Germany - sandpaper)
1st WUTTO Nordhorn Classic Open
Final: 1. Arnoud Meijer, 2. Reginald Kraaijenbrink (11-9, 11-8, 12-10)


2nd WUTTO Grand Prix Circuit 2014 - update

July 5 (Breda) - hardbat
2nd WUTTO Belcrum Open 2014
Contact: tomgimbrere [at] gmail [dot] com

September 6 (Apeldoorn) - hardbat
1st WUTTO De Brug Open 2014
Contact: info [at] wutto [dot] org


MAARTEN LOEVE many qualification points in Holland

In Hazerswoude, The Netherlands, during the 2nd WUTTO Avanti Open 2014 there was a great fight between home favorite Martin Groenewold and 'rookie' Maarten Loeve. What no one expected did happen anyway. Not Martin but Maarten took the trophy and gained many points for the qualification for the World Championship of Pingpong in London in January 2015.
The final match could not have been more exiting. Maarten was the best in his very first sandpapier tournament. He scored the last point in the deciding fifth and on his very first match point.


2nd WUTTO Grand Prix Circuit 2014 - update


June 14 (Hilversum) - hardbat
1st WUTTO Dutch National Championships Singles 2014
4th WUTTO Dutch National Championships Doubles 2014
Contact: info [at] wutto [dot] org

2e WUTTO Grand Prix Circuit 2014 - update


Vrijdag 30 mei (Klazienaveen) - schuurpapier
Naam: 2e WUTTO EDR Open 2014
Contact: berold17 [at] gmail [dot] com

Zaterdag 31 mei (Middelstum) - hardbat
Naam: 5e WUTTO Midstars Open 2014
Contact: wutto [at] midstars [dot] nl


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