WUTTO Grand Prix Circuit 2014 - update

April 26/27 (Nordhorn, Germany)
1st WUTTO Nordhorn Classic Open (hardbat and sandpaper)
Contact: hmeyer [at] ttvn [dot] dewww.hardbat-tischtennis.de


WUTTO Vriendenschaar Open op YouTube


Mooie registratie van de WUTTO Vriendenschaar Open op YouTube met o.a. Martin Groenewold

The Fight to Save Ping Pong

Every sport has its seminal, game-changing moment, when new techniques or technology brings about a revolution in play. For ping pong, that moment came in 1952.


WUTTO opens door for sandpaper bats

The Board of World United Table Tennis Organisation has decided, that organizers of ‘WUTTO tournaments’ have the right to use sandpaper bats during their events. Previously in 2013 only hard bats could be used.


WUTTO has a new king: CHRIS DORAN !

The 22 year old Chris Doran is the new WUTTO World Champion. In a fantastic hardbat event in Hilversum, the Netherlands, the UK citizen won several very close matches (3:2 Tony West and Martin Groenewold). And in the final he was the better man against his countryman Graham Sandley, who was beaten by 3 games to 2. The bronze medail was won by the Dutch defender Arnoud Meijer. The other titles went to The Netherlands: Annemarie Zijnstra (women), Max Koopman (boys) and Sanne de Hoop (girls).



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